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About Action Services Group

We are a national service provider offering a single point of contact for all your Lighting, LED Retrofit, Electrical, and Signage needs. We believe the key to our success begins with applying a team-based approach; the value we place on each customer and the accountability we put on everyone in our organization.

Our Organization

We believe firmly that one size does not fit all. At Action Services Group, we know that no two customers are identical and that our service programs must address the individual customer’s requirements. It is our ability to customize our service and LED upgrade programs and dedicate the right resources that ensure we deliver consistent, quality service while continually controlling costs. Our ultimate goal is to succeed by providing an exceptional customer experience and competitively innovative solutions to our customers. We understand that your success is our success.

Our Philosophy

Provide the highest level of service and the best solutions that fit our customers’ needs and budgets. We are a valuedriven organization.

Our Business Model

Provide our customers with “One-Call for Multiple Services” capability. Employ locally-based experienced lighting technicians and electricians to support all three trades, lighting, electrical and signage. This model allows us to expand quickly to service a customer’s needs at the local,

Our Performance Goals

Measure customer service satisfaction at the site-contact level for every lighting, signage or electrical service we complete. Our goal is to perform at a standard unmatched by any of our competitors at the local, regional or national level.

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